Memory # 3. It's the all night marathon at World Financial Center. I've settled in for the overnight in order to hear Stockhausen‘s Stimmung at dawn, along with a few hundred other friends and like-minded strangers. Energy is lagging, people are nodding out in their seats. Then, at about 4 in the morning, Dan Deacon is set up in the middle of the venue, a few dozen fans in tow. He blasts out a noisy set of electronic punk rock, and for the first time I recall, there's crowdsurfing at a BOAC Marathon.
—Bill Bragin
3 memories. Will post separately Memore #1: Earliest one - it's probably the summer after my freshman year in college. I had just learned about Terry Riley's In C through a class in the Music of Frank Zappa. Found out that BOAC was presenting it at RAPP Arts Center, a converted school in what was then still referred to as Alphabet City. Somehow, I succeeded in convincing my musician father to join me in volunteering for the event, helping check tickets. My mind was continually cracked open for many hours. I don't think he even remembers it 😉
—Bill Bragin
My favorite memory of a live music event is when I was playing with my group Girlnoise back in Ann Arbor at a local shop, Argus Farm Stop, in the greenhouse late summer. We played our friend's piece, stones from lake superior (by Nadine Dyskant-Miller). The first movement opens with a peaceful line given by the cello, followed by violin. Gradually harmonicas join, building to a powerful peak felt in every part of the space but fades away to the second movement. My partner and I were playing the harmonica parts. The blend of the strings, harmonicas and the sounds of the late summer insects heard through the open doors and windows created a beautiful wash of sound and sense of being and awareness that I will never forget.
—Mary Fortino
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