2008 Marathon Review — New York Times

by Steve Smith
June 2, 2006

Concert Review, Published in the June 2, 2008 issue of the New York Times

“Musical calendar watchers love the seeming portent of anniversaries that end in a zero or a five. But in America, turning 21 is meaningful, too. It’s an age that comes with a certain implied license to go a bit crazy, to take risks, maybe even to lose control for a while. Perhaps that explains what was by all accounts a first for the Bang on a Can Marathon, which began in the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center on Saturday night: a mosh pit.

The unlikely occurrence took place during a frenetic 4:15 a.m. performance on Sunday by Dan Deacon, a Baltimore rock musician known as an exuberant, crowd-pleasing one-man band. Maniacally bouncing young bodies crashed into one another with gleeful abandon. A few brave souls body-surfed atop outstretched hands.”


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