1992 Marathon Review – New York Times

by Edward Rothstein
May 19, 1992
New York Times

Review, Published in the May 19th, 1992 issue of the New York Times

“As the hour approached midnight on Sunday, it might have been expected that a critic would begin to feel no little impatience, frustration and dismay. After all, in the midst of sampling the traditional nine-hour marathon concluding the sixth annual Bang on a Can Festival at the New York Society for Ethical Cultural, I found a fair number of works that seemed just barely above student level. A piece for electric guitar noodled around with patterns that repeated even as the guitar’s tuning was changed; another work, described as the “first 12-tone isorhythmic rock piece,” did indeed have 12 tones, repeated rhythms, and elements of Minimalist rock, but without much point other than to combine them.”


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